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It's a scientific fact that sunlight takes eight minutes to travel to the earth. I recently learned from Neil deGrasse Tyson that once sunlight enters our atmosphere it slows down and refracts. The result of this is that if you have ever watched a beautiful sunset, what you are actually seeing is a delayed light show. During the last ten minutes of a sunset, what you are viewing is the light of a sun that has already disappeared beyond the horizon. Learning a fact like this can relate to how we perceive life and leadership.

Your entire life you may have assumed you were understanding something or someone only to discover one day that perception was entirely wrong. Discovering this often leads to changing the way you view your life and leadership; especially when what you discover is about yourself. In my book "Servant Leadership from the Middle" being published this fall, I write about one moment of personal discovery that made a drastic and positive change to my leadership. I also describe in detail the process that I used, and how you can use this process, to discover and overcome your own biases and misperceptions.

An old adage says you have to break some eggs to make an omelet. This too is relatable to life and leadership. Only when we seek, find, and break open our biases and misperceptions, can we use that to understand and create a new and better self. Always be on the lookout for your own sunset omelet opportunities. Opportunities for servant leaders happen in numerous and unexpected ways, and usually appear in ways opposite of how you want or expect them to. Remember life and leadership don’t happen to you, they happen for you.

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