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Servant Leadership From The Middle


Leadership from the middle is an organizations most influential, underrated, and untapped potential to build a positive organizational culture.

The past fifty-plus years of conventional leadership training has reinforced the concept of 'Einstein's Insanity', and in its wake has left leadership perceived as underrated, over-hyped, or inconsequential. 


SL coaching focuses on how your leaders learn, recover, and grow from each new leadership challenge. It also acknowledges that leaders and followers are part of the same equation. 


SL coaching is not a one-time fix, it's the first step in the leadership journey. Every leader and follower comes with different upbringings and life experiences, and assuming these differences can be standardized is ineffectual.


SL coaching embraces these differences. Servant Leadership from the Middle serves as a conversation starter, a textbook, and a tool for channeling those variations into a common place of base unique to the individual.


The effect your leaders have on others is the most valuable currency there is; both inside and outside the organization. Help your people get ahead of the game.


Your leaders already have good in, let SL coaching ensure you get good out!

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Servant Leadership from the Middle - the book

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SL Services LLC is donating a portion of your purchase of Servant Leadership from the Middle to The Place of Grace in La Crosse, WI; a community meal program.

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