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Servant Leadership
Secret Service 

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What is the Servant Leadership Secret Servince? 

i am currently a member of the Servant Leadership Secret Service (SLSS), after life promoted me as a commissioned officer for the Institution for the Instrumentality of Goodness for Good in 2018.

The institutions mission is to create a tradition to produce more goodness by providing the Servant Leadership experience and philosophy to a wider range of community. 

Its vision is to help inspire others by exposing the goodness that's inside them that they've forgotten about, and in the community that's around them that they don't know about yet.

Have you ever seen a bee attack another bee when gathering pollen? Why do you think that is? That there is your answer. Is there any other way for a society to work together for a common good?

About the Book

From the tradition of Servant Leadership, comes a young - new voice for the movement

"Summary: The author takes new and familiar practitioners of servant leadership through techniques, philosophies, and practices to enhance anyone's leadership abilities.

Readers go on a journey that begins with the author's early experiences in the world of work, one that wends its way through his days as a new and emerging leader who is trying to find his identity as a leader.

After discovering servant leadership he ultimately forges his way along this path. He writes the book for other new and emerging leaders who may be somewhere in the middle as they travel the road of leadership.


Using the core philosophy of servant leadership as his guide, along with his own real-life experiences, and employing self-reflection as a tool, the author makes this book a uniquely personal guide for new and emerging leaders.”— Provided by publisher.

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Click on the button below to see Bernard's bio, some fun facts, a few favorite reads, his books list, and a glimpse into what may be next.

Praise for Servant Leadership From the Middle

Donald Kudek

In many cases, books are written not for the reader, but for the author to tell their story, make a buck, or both. It is obvious reading this book that the impetus was driven by a passion to help others. Someone new to management, as well as someone that has filled that role for some time and is just looking to be better, can learn from the information presented. A common response after reading this book will be, “I wish I would have known this sooner.” 
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